Top 10 Time Management Tips For Bloggers

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Top 10 Time Management Tips For Bloggers

Time management For bloggersBlogging professionally or, more accurately, working for yourself – puts you in the driving seat. For some it’s right where they belong and they cruise on through seemingly without effort. For others, the pressure of wearing all the hats necessary for a successful online empire is a burden, with time being the biggest enemy because there is never enough. Here are Top ten tips for good time management.

1).Get Up EarlyGet Up Early

I live in the former East Germany where they still start work at 7am. Yep, you read that correctly. As a freelance writer, I can set my own schedule, however, when I arrived here, I decided to start work along with everyone else. Then something amazing happened: I got more done before 10am that ever before. Why? In Britain, where I’m from, we start work at 9am (or 10am, if you were lazy, like me). On a good day, I had an hour to get going before the clock started ticked louder and louder. Starting at 7am makes me feel like I’ve got all the time in the world.

Starting the same amount of work early makes you feel like it’s easier to get through.

2).Create a Schedule

Create a ScheduleScheduling your time is a really important tool. Why? Because it brings structure. If you have 15 articles to write before the end of the week, allotting a single chunk of time to them is more productive than spreading them across the week so they punctuate meetings and trips to the post office.


3).Stick with the Schedule

Stick to the scheduleWe all have those days that, no matter what you do, nothing goes right and you don’t achieve what you need to. Sticking to your schedule won’t cure that problem altogether, but it will ensure you have more productive days, then not.

4).Don’t Let ANYONE Disrupt Your Schedule

distractWhen I worked from my home office in Great Britain, my friends would phone/text/Skype/Facebook/tweet me asking if I wanted to meet for coffee/a movie/lunch/afternoon tea/a walk…and I would find it really hard to say no. Consequently, my schedule became their schedule and working was tough. Turn off the phone. Switch your online statuses to “Do Not Disturb”, and work. Or, do what I did emigrate!


social-time-square-friends5).Make Time for your Friends

Saying that, it’s really important that you don’t become a hermit, especially if you are working alone on a very anti-social profession like writing. Make a point of seeing friends. Schedule time with them.

6).Stay Off Social Media

No social media bannedIt’s easy to say “It’s ok, I see my friends on Facebook”. Social Media is the biggest time suck on earth. I have wasted hour upon hour on networking sites learning about what my friends are doing/not doing/should be doing. Unless you are soliciting for work, draw a very clear line between work time and “social” media time.


7).Make Time for Social MediaMake time for Social media clock

There’s no getting away from it: we love social media! In my quest to move away from freelance procrastinator to freelance productive writer, I decided to schedule time for social media. I do it in the morning and then again at the end of the day. The time in between is work time.

8).Take Breaks

Take break from WorkIt’s easy when you get in to the zone to let a whole day slip by without moving more than the few steps between your computer and the bathroom. Taking breaks is really important for your productivity. Yes, they cost time, but a walk and some fresh air at lunch time can re-energize you, making the afternoon just as productive as the morning.

happy client time management


9).Schedule Clients

If you live in a big city, you’ll know that getting around meeting people can be a time suck, unless you take a cab, which can be a money suck. There’s no harm in scheduling meetings on a particular day of the week, or inviting clients to meet at your office instead of theirs, if this suits your time needs. Remember, everyone is playing the time game. You should too.

10).Make Working Smarter Your Business

Work Smarter Not HarderFinding researching a particular subject tough? Find someone who is expert and pick their brains.

Worried about affording the next big conference? Take an extra job to pay for it.

You are the master/mistress of your own time and with some careful thought and forward planning, you can fit anything in.


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