Top 5 Free Multiplayer Games for Android

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Playing games on android phones is a common hobby for anyone owning such a gadget. When the android platform was first released, most of the games were meant for single players. But now with improving technology and more and more people opting for high-end devices, multi-player games have become the rage. Imagine you can play many exciting games with anyone, anywhere at any time. Here are the top five games that are creating waves.

Top 5 Free Multiplayer Games for Android-



We all remember UNO, the card game we used to play in our childhoods? The game has reached the android platform and is just as popular now as it was then.

The multiplayer format allows you to play with friends and family.  The game contains all the features of its physical counterpart that made it so popular. This old fashioned game also comes with some new features on the android platform. You can challenge yourself with difficult levels that are available in the tournament mode. If you miss this all time favorite card-game, head over to the play store to download it now!



We all love the HALO series on the Xbox console, don’t we? What is exciting about N.O.V.A are the similarities in the game play to the HALO series.

N.O.V.A which stands for Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance has powerful graphics and an excellent game play for multiple players. The amazing story line and the action packed and an intense sequence is what makes this game so popular. Another amazing feature of this game is the fact that you can play with twelve different players at a time! And that too in various different modes on six different maps. Also, the there are multiple weapons and powers to chose from, that enable you to have the complete gaming experience.

What the Doodle?

what the doodle

Remember good-old Pictionary? This game is basically Pictionary but for the android devices. You can play with friends, family or anybody on the network. This game is easily addictive and you can spend hours drawing words given to you, for your opponents to guess.

This game comes with plenty of bonus features like high scores, personal face doodles, and many more. You can play with loads of players and there is a never ending database of words that you chose from. You can also maintain a profile or ask for a private game, where you do not wish to publish your scores online.

Eternity warriors 2.0

Eternity Warriors

The second version of eternity game has loads of new features that make it much more action packed and fast paced than its predecessor. The multiplayer options enable you to compete for quests together with your friends. Take part in epic dragon battles with amazing graphics and detailing. The gripping story line along with several levels, multiple battles and quests is what attracts gamers.

All you need is a fast Wi-Fi/ 3G connection for you to get connected and start playing!

Asphalt 7: Heat

Asphalt 7

If racing games are your thing, then download the asphalt 7: heat for breathtaking racing action. The multiplayer modes are simply amazing and you can play with five different players at a time. The visuals of the game are stunning and the controls are smooth and easy to master. The game lets you drive cars from Ferrari, Aston martin, Lamborghini and many other prestigious racing cars.

You can race all around world, with racing tracks in Hawaii, London, and Paris and up to fifteen other exciting locations. This is the best version of the Asphalt series to come out yet on the android platform.

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